Completed PhD Dissertations


Daily activities, participation and quality of life among children and adolescents with celiac disease, By: Sonya Meyer, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum


Development of Theoretical Evaluation Model For Adolescents with Handwriting Difficulties (Dysgraphia): Body Functions, Activity, Participation and Quality of Life, By: Liat Hen Herbst, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Developing and Evaluating a Meta-cognitive Intervention Amongst Adolescents with Neuro-development Disabilities, By: Yael Fogel, Supervised by Prof. Naomi Josman and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Developing a parents-focused model to improve the daily functioning of young children with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - feasibility and efficacy, By: Carmit Frisch, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum and Prof. Emanuel Tirosh


Examining Health Conditions, Body Functions, Activity and Participation, and Quality of Life among Adults with Learning Disabilities – Towards a Theoretical Model, By: Kineret Sharfi, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


The relationship between visuomotor deficits of children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and their ability to function in the areas of writing and attention in school environment, By: Yafit Gilboa, Supervised by Prof. Naomi Josman and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Completed MSc theses


Characteristics of the Play and Executive Functions of 3-6 years old Children Who Were Referred to Occupational Therapy with Diagnosed Developmental Delay, in Comparison to Those of Children Who Were Not Referred to Occupational Therapy, By: Efrat Ben Nevat, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Executive Functions among Adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities: establishing discriminate validity and concurrent validity for the Children Cooking Task (CCT) tool, By: Renana Hirsh, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Parental Occupational Executive Training (POET), an early Intervention for preschoolers with ADHD Symptoms Applicability differences between families with and without parental ADHD Symptoms, By: Anat Aviran, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Activities of Daily Living, Sleep behavior and Quality of Life: A comparison between Typically Developing Children and Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder, By: Fadwa Hanna-Nassar, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Play Characteristics and Executive Functions among Children of the Arab Sector Referred to Occupational Therapy Evaluation Compared to Children not referred, By: Wafaa Yassin Kharboush, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Executive functions and leisure participation characteristics of adolescents with and without learning disabilities, By: Netta Gemerman, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Imitation characteristics of one-year-old children and their relation to language and motor development, By: Roni Shmeltzer, Supervised by Dr. Ayelet Ben-Sasson and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Sensory Characteristics and Handwriting Performance of Children with ADHD In Comparison to Typical Children, By: Hagar Offek, Supervised By Prof. Batya Engel-Yeger and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Examining Reliability & Validity of the Executive Function & Occupational Routines Scale (EFORTS) among ultra- orthodox and secular children, By: Michal Kashy, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


The correlation between time and schedule organization patterns and level of academic performance and participation characteristics among undergraduate students, By: Merav Goldblatt, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Leisure characteristics and quality of life of children with Celiac compared to children without Celiac, By: Sonya Meyer, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Establishing Reliability and Validity of the Child Evaluation Checklist -"CHECK"- A Screening Questionnaire for Detecting Developmental Delay among Children
By: Irit Ezra Zandani, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Time perception, Executive functions, Temporal organization and Participation among students with and without learning disabilities, By: Nufar Grinblat, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


A comparison of play characteristics of children with Developmental Coordination Disorders (DCD) versus typical children, By: Pola Waissman, supervised by Dr. Gary W. Diamond and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

The Arabic Handwriting Evaluation Scale (AHES) development, reliability and validity, By: Sohair Herzallah, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


IADL of children with ADHD in comparison to typical children: Establishing construct and criterion validity for the Do-Eat assessment, By: Carmit Frisch, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Executive functions and handwriting process skills among adults – differences and correlations among different age groups, By: Yael Fogel, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Characterization of forces applied during writing among age and sex groups and its influence on the written product, By: Sarit Tresser, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


The process and the product of the Arabic language handwriting A comparative Study among Children with and without DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder)By: Jumana Aassy-Marjieh, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

The differences and the relations between characteristics of process and product of Handwriting and characteristics of organization in everyday life of children with and without handwriting difficulties, By: Tsipi Aloni, supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.