Renana Hirsh

renanahirshRenana Hirsh, BOT, master's degree Student, Dept. of Occupational
Therapy Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Sciences, University of Haifa,

Occupational Therapist
at "MAFTEAH" Therapy Center, Karnei Shomron and in public
schools and kindergarten at Afula.

Executive Functions among Adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities: establish discriminate validity and concurrent validity for the Children Cooking Task (CCT) tool

Executive Functions (EF) are necessary for every person for performance and effective participation in all occupation areas in his life. EF are being developed from infancy to adulthood. Impairment of EF inhibits and prevents normal functioning and might increases with age. One of the populations which has lack with EF is adolescents with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders (ADHD), Learning Disabilities (LD) and Developmental Coordination Disorders (DCD). Due to the functional impairment those adolescents are being referred to evaluation in occupational therapy. Functional assessment tools have ecological validity and there for they are the preferred diagnostic way to evaluate EF. Currently, there is only a little number of ecological assessment tools to perform ecological functional evaluation for this population.
The aim of the current study is to establish a discriminate and concurrent validity for the Children Cooking Task (CCT) tool in order to suit it to adolescents with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities in Israel.
Participants: Convenience Sample of eighty adolescences on ages 10-18 will be included in the study according to the inclusion criteria. A research Group (n=40) of adolescents with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities and a control group (n=40) of a matched typical adolescents, compared by age and gender will be included.
Research tools are the Children Cooking Task (CCT) tool, the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) and parts of the WebNeuro.
This research is part of doctoral research that examines intervention effectiveness. In the present study, the data will be collected from the initial estimate, before the intervention process.
Data processing: SPSS-19, will be performed comparison test MANOVA for testing discriminate validity and Pearson- Correlation for tesingt concurrent validity.