Completed Dissertations


The relationship between visuomotor deficits of children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and their ability to function in the areas of writing and attention in school environment, By: Yafit Gilboa, Supervised by Prof. Naomi Josman and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Examining Health Conditions, Body Functions, Activity and Participation, and Quality of Life among Adults with Learning Disabilities – Towards a Theoretical Model, By: Kineret Sharfi, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Development of Theoretical Evaluation Model For Adolescents with Handwriting Difficulties (Dysgraphia): Body Functions, Activity, Participation and Quality of Life, By: Liat Hen Herbst, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Developing and Evaluating a Meta-cognitive Intervention Amongst Adolescents with Neuro-development Disabilities, By: Yael Fogel, Supervised by Prof. Naomi Josman and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Completed theses


The process and the product of the Arabic language handwriting A comparative Study among Children with and without DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder)By: Jumana Aassy-Marjieh, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Executive functions and handwriting process skills among adults – differences and correlations among different age groups, By: Yael Fogel, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


IADL of children with ADHD in comparison to typical children: Establishing construct and criterion validity for the Do-Eat assessment, By: Carmit Frisch, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


The correlation between time and schedule organization patterns and level of academic performance and participation characteristics among undergraduate students, By: Merav Goldblatt, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Leisure characteristics and quality of life of children with Celiac compared to children without Celiac, By: Sonya Meyer, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Imitation characteristics of one-year-old children and their relation to language and motor development, By: Roni Shmeltzer, Supervised by Dr. Ayelet Ben-Sasson and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Sensory Characteristics and Handwriting Performance of Children with ADHD In Comparison to Typical Children, By: Hagar Offek, Supervised By Prof. Batya Engel-Yeger and Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Examining Reliability & Validity of the Executive Function & Occupational Routines Scale (EFORTS) among ultra- orthodox and secular children, By: Michal Kashy, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.


Characteristics of the Play and Executive Functions of 3-6 years old Children Who Were Referred to Occupational Therapy with Diagnosed Developmental Delay, in Comparison to Those of Children Who Were Not Referred to Occupational Therapy, By: Efrat Ben Nevat, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.

Executive Functions among Adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities: establishing discriminate validity and concurrent validity for the Children Cooking Task (CCT) tool, By: Renana Hirsh, Supervised by Prof. Sara Rosenblum.